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Lifesaving Championships 2017

The National Lifesaving Championships are an annual event hosted by the RLSS UK. The championships test the skill and ability of lifesavers from around the country in a range of lifesaving events. Several members of Retford Lifesavers compete at this event every year, representing East Midlands region.

In 2017, the Nationals will be held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield in early September. The Lifesaving Championships are followed in the evening by the National SERC Championships.

Latest details on the RLSS UK website. Follow #RADLNationals and #NatLifesavingChamps on Twitter. Link to this page: bit.ly/1OCuGSh.

Speed Championships 2016

Retford competitors in the 12.5m Line Throw event at the Speed Championships

Retford competitors in the 12.5m Line Throw event at the Speed Championships

The RLSS UK hosts an annual National Speed Lifesaving Championships, which brings together the best lifesaving sport athletes from around the country to compete for National Champion in a range of events. Each year, several members of Retford Lifesavers represent their club at the largest lifesaving sport event in the UK.

Report from Speeds 2016 by Pete Moyes:

Well done to the Retford team who competed in the National Speed Championships at the National Aquatic Centre in London. This is the first time we have had a team at the event and a great experience for everyone. Some hard lesson learned by all, including myself having been DQ’d from two events missing a gold and silver medal in my age group for schoolboy errors! Must try harder and get in the water more often to do it.

Great performances- Hannah Calverley and Theresa Tomlinson a 6th in the open Line Throw- well done, a top performance among the best in the UK. Alex Moyes and Hannah Calverley also showed us all what you need to complete the open category 200m Super Lifesaver event — 32nd and 22nd respectively. Well done.

Jess Newton competing in her first major championships recorded her new PBs showing a big improvement in her time for the Manikin Carry with Fins. Georgina also showed improvements with new PBs for her events with fins.

For a small club with some first time entrants we have a great collection of medalists, our rising stars Jacob Screeton and Ben Tomlinson had a great 10m, 12-14 yr old, line throw with 11.97s taking silver, both went on to improve on their PB’s in each of the events they took part in. Well done to you both.

Our masters also showed what they are made of. New on the scene is Theresa Tomlinson 40-49 yrs category, with a 5th in the Manikin Carry, 3rd and bronze medal in the 200 Obs, and a fantastic swim in the 100m Manikin Tow with Fins gaining her first Gold!! This makes her the 40-49yrs Masters UK Champion in the 100m Manikin Tow with Fins. Well done and a great boost for the training up to the Worlds in September. Hazel Moyes and Peter Moyes managed a silver in the 50+ Line Throw and Peter Moyes bronze in the 50m Manikin Carry. At least I managed to not get DQ’d in those two, although the Line Throw was close, only just reached Hazel’s fingernails — phew!

Please also congratulate Amy Evans who is a club member and an inspiration for our young aspiring competitors. Amy was swimming with the Rascals team — well done Amy.

Full results from Speeds 2016 can be found on the RLSS UK website here >

Stay up-to-date with Retford Lifesavers at the Speed Champs using the hashtags #RADLSpeeds and #Speeds2016. Link to this page: bit.ly/1n6aDRT.